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L'amour et son carquois is a bouffonnerie operetta in one act by Isidore Legouix, which premiered in 1869 at Théâtre des Bouffes-Parisiens in Paris, with libretto by William Bertrand Busnach and Octave-Philodème Marquet.


Role Voice type and range
Courbouillon tenor (C3-F4)
Moutardier tenor (D3-F4)
Annibal tenor (Eb3-G4)
Athénais soprano (D4-G5)
Marmotte mezzo-soprano (D4-F5)
The bear


Musical numbers

  • "Ah! que je me suis amusée" - Athénais
  • "Dans le carnaval" - Athénais, Marmotte, Courbouillon, Moutardier
  • "Il est d'usage d'ordinaire" - Courbouillon, Annibal
  • "Mademoiselle je vous aime" - Annibal, Athénais
  • "Pourquois done crier amisi" - Athénais, Moutardier, Courbouillon
  • "En chasse... En chasse" - Courbouillon, Moutardier


  • woodwinds: 2 flutes, 1 oboe, 2 clarinets, 2 pistons, 1 bassoon
  • brass: 2 horns, trombone
  • percussion: bass drum, triangle, timbales
  • string quartet